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How Dangerous Is Drinking and Driving?

Everyday many accidents happens in Oxford, UK. Although traffic fatalities have been on the decline in recent years, alcohol-related crashes still kill many people per year in the United Kingdom. Driving with Drinking can be lead to fatal motor vehicle crash.

Drink Driving Penalties

  • Caught In Charge Of A Vehicle – 3 months in prison, maximum of a £2,500 fine and may face a driving ban.
  • Caught Driving/Attempting To Drive – 6 months in prison, an unlimited fine and a ban of a minimum of one year.
  • Refusal To Take A Breathalyzer Test – 6 months in prison, an unlimited fine and a one-year driving ban.
  • Causing Death Through Drink Driving – 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine, minimum of a two-year driving ban and you must take an extended test before you can drive again.

You may be able to reduce your ban by taking a drink-drive rehabilitation scheme (DDRS) course if you’re banned from driving for 12 months or more.

There are so many ways that driving can help people. For others it means peace of mind when looking after a loved one who requires regular care. Having a driving licence means a lot of things to different people in different walks of life. Contact to our Driving instructor at Oxford UK or fill the form for inquiry.

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