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The road safety actions 74


Everyday many accidents happens in Oxford, UK. Although traffic fatalities have been on the decline in recent years, alcohol-related crashes still kill many people per year in the United Kingdom. Driving with Drinking can be lead to fatal motor vehicle crash. Drink Driving Penalties Caught In Charge Of A Vehicle – 3 months in prison,Read More…

Driving challenges in fall weather

Wow, the fall climate. Things chill, the Christmas season is here, and, well, the streets are turning out to be more unsafe! Driving in fall climate is no joke with the special and temporary dangers it gives. For instance, wet leaves on the road can act only the same as ice, and when those wetRead More…

The seat belts have saved almost 300,000 lives in the UK since 1980. The lives saved are those of individuals required in serious accidents which would have wound up with lethal outcomes had they not been wearing safety belts. However, then the utilization of disciplines to uphold a behavior more often raises the issues aboutRead More…

Cross country driving is turning out to be progressively prevalent, even with the ascent in fuel costs. As air travel gets more costly and turns out to be even more a bother, many are finding that taking your own particular vehicle on a road outing can really be less expensive and more agreeable. In addition,Read More…

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